My precious feedback

Commenting on my peers beta presentations was incredibly interesting, I was able to see what sort of progress everyone else was making on their DA’s and it helped me think about some aspects I could improve in my own DA.

Peer 1: Julia 

Julia’s DA is an exploration of cyberculture through edits she is posting on Instagram and TikTok.

My Feedback: 

  • The content being posted on TikTok (photos) isn’t suitable for the medium – you must keep McLuhan’s concept of the medium is the message in mind. Try posting either short video edits or videos of yourself editing the photos instead.
  • I provided this source to help Julia understand the way the algorithm on TikTok works to help explain why photos on this platform may not be the best approach.
  • Recommendation to uses non cyberpunk images and make them cyberpunk themed through editing. By using non cyberpunk images and editing them you can make comments on society and our possible futures.
  • This would tie in to Wendell Bell’s possible, probable and potential futures to showcase how society might end up if we A) continue to live the way we are or B) if we change for the better or C) we change for the worse.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 2.31.25 pm


I feel as though I tried my best to provide Julia with some actionable insights into her DA. She had noticed that some edits were gaining more traction than others and that some were performing poorly. Hopefully by explaining firstly how to better utilise TikTok and some ways she could curate her content to better tie in with the DA focus I can help her reach a wider audience.

One way I could improve my comment is to provide additional sources for research, in particular ones which are not included in the subject materials but do link to subject topics. I found it hard to include these sources as I wasn’t sure where these sources would be used in Julias DA, so I thought actionable suggestions for her content would be more helpful.

Peer 2: Grace

Grace’s DA is an Instagram page where she promotes local businesses who are struggling as a result of covid with hopes to eventually interview some business owners and offer continued support into the future through her own social media business.

My Feedback: 

  • Incorporating a campaign hashtag (such as #openIllawarra) to mimic successful campaigns which appeared during the bushfires in NSW. I provided this source to provide her with some examples of social campaigns aimed to support small/local businesses so she could see how they use hashtags. By incorporating a # her audience can generate content themselves and use the # as a way to self promote which will decrease her workload.
  • Great short, medium and long term viability, once the coronavirus pandemic isn’t a point of concern she can readjust her focus to simply supporting small businesses which is always necessary.
  • Linking Grace’s concept to Wendell Bell’s probable, possible and preferable futures – through her instagram account she is taking an active role is trying to craft a preferable future.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 2.38.19 pm


Overall I think I provided Grace with positive feedback which she can hopefully incorporate into her DA. From looking at her Instagram page there wasn’t much I could suggest since she seems to already have a good grasp of what she needs to accomplish and how to do so.

In terms of areas I could improve my feedback, I could try to better link her DA to subject material and provide additional sources. In saying this, Grace already had an excellent range of resources which she was using to focus her approach so I felt providing more was unnecessary. I found it difficult to provide comments on how her DA linked to subject lectures since she took a very creative approach to the DA focus, her project is not necessarily about addressing how the future may look, but rather taking an active role in shaping it.

Peer 3: Bodhi 

Bodhi’s DA is all about the future of photography through blog posts and possible videos. He’s attempting to look at technology, image sharing, social media and photography in the next 5, 20 and 50 years.

My Feedback: 

  • I provided this source which talks about how bugs in the future could be ‘bugged’. With cameras becoming so small it provides a number of implications in the photography field such as reimagine how photos/videos are taken and how this technology could be used for good and bad.
  • Bodhi mentioned cyborgs at one stage so I built on this to suggested looking into some of the issues with smart glasses using sources like this one. Since there are limited articles on the future of photography I recommended getting creative and thinking like a futurist to image possible future technologies such as robotic eyeballs. From here Bodhi can address if this is ethical or not and incorporate research from scholars such as Harraway and McLuhan who both believe by using such technology we are already becoming cyborgs.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 3.58.58 pm


Bodhi mentioned that he was struggling to find academic sources (or really any sources) that addressed the future of technology so I did my best to help refocus his efforts on not necessarily looking explicitly at the future of technology but rather looking at what technology we already have and building upon this himself. Since we are talking about the future he can use some of the sources (such as smart glasses) I mentioned to synthesis and make an educated guess on where the future of photography may lead.

An area I could improve my comment is on giving Bodhi more feedback on the format of his DA and offer suggestions to improve how he go about presenting his information since he did mention struggling with gaining traction. Jasymn had already given Bodhi some feedback on this and my comment was already exceeding 500 words so I didn’t want to overload it.

Key takeaways:

  • From Bodhi I learnt that its important to create content which I’m interested in myself and one way I can do this is through attempting to make my own videos as visually interesting as possible.
  • From Grace I learnt that its valuable to have an idea of where the future of your DA may lie, Grace had identified how she will continue her DA into the future. Although I might not be continuing this DA into the medium term future it is important to think of how I could if I wanted to in an ideal world.
  • From Julia I learnt that its ok to take a more creative approach with the DA itself – although my DA is very content focused perhaps I could explore some ways to make it a bit more creative and interactive for my audience.

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